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Calamus Root Powder

Calamus Root Powder

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Calamus can be found growing in swamps, marshes, and wetland habitats. It is an herbaceous perennial that primarily spreads through its rhizomatous root system. Also called sweet flag, it has sword-shaped leaves, tiny greenish-yellow flowers, and the entire plant has a sweet fragrance. Our calamus powder is milled from Acorus calamus roots. Calamus root powder can be incorporated into a variety of topical products including to scent hair powders, lotions, and herbal bath blends. It is occasionally used in some internal applications under the supervision of a qualified expert. Calamus is a member of the Araceae family and also goes by the names of acorus, sweet calamus, sweetflag and vacha. Native to Eastern countries, Acorus calamus has since spread to Europe, Japan and the Northern United States. Walt Whitman wrote 39 poems for calamus in his famous work, "Leaves of Grass".
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